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Why is the Cloud so Popular?

There are multiple reasons why the cloud market is growing so fast. Some of them are listed here: Elasticity, Security, Availability, Faster hardware cycles, System administration staff, Faster time to market. These factors are crucial when trying to develop and maintain a modern tech stack and platform.

Elasticity may be one of the most important reasons for the cloud's popularity. More formally defined, elasticity is the ability of a computing environment to adapt to changes in workload by automatically provisioning or shutting down computing resources to match the capacity needed by the current workload.

One of the worst arguments for not migrating to the cloud are concerns over security. You probably have a better chance of getting into the Pentagon without a badge than getting into an Amazon data center. Amazon employees with access to the building must authenticate themselves four times to step on the data center floor.

In a cloud environment, spinning up new resources can take just a few minutes. So, we can configure minimal environments knowing that additional resources are a click away. These environments are also just as easily shut down and allow you to be flexible with your experimentation.

Another benefit to being on a cloud provider is the physical infrastructure around the compute resources. To increase resilience, data centers have discrete Uninterruptable Power Supplies ( UPSes ) and onsite backup generators.

It is also easy to upgrade to newer better compute resources, whenever AWS offers new and more powerful processor types, using them is as simple as stopping an instance, changing the processor type, and starting the instance again. In many cases, AWS may keep the price the same even when better and faster processors and technology become available.